MyTAG Secure Proof of I.D. is a secure ID card system which cannot be copied or cloned. The patented technology brings ID cards into the modern age, through a unique proof of presence and proof of compliance solution.

When a personalised ID card is checked, the officer simply taps the card against a mobile phone or other NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled device and has instant proof that it is valid and genuine via cryptographic functionality. Each ID card contains a trusted tag. When the card is tapped on the NFC enabled device, the device receives a URL with a unique cryptographic code from the tag, which displays all the data and pictures on the device. Identity can hence be visually verified against the photo on the card plus any detailed personal information, training records and equipment use permits can be displayed.

MyTAG provides instant notification to determine it is the real Secure ID card used (versus someone who has copied or shared the URL code, or manually typed the URL into a web browser). The functionality prevents a URL from being used multiple times without a physical tap, as verification will fail, and makes the tag impossible to clone.

When the tag is tapped its location is identified, so every valid tap implies “proof of presence” at a known time, allowing time and attendance applications.

Today, ID cards are used by in a huge range of public and private situations, from driving licenses, building entry systems and construction sites to membership organisations and clubs. The challenge is that most existing cards can be copied or cloned, allowing misuse, and causing safety and security risks.


MyTAG Secure Proof of I.D. provides unique data which can be used to authenticate identity, and location at a given time, in a range of applications and sectors;

Education – Student attendance, examination invigilation, age
Retail Financial Services – Anti-fraud measures at point of sale
Industry – Employee qualifications/licences to operate machinery, training records, timesheets/payroll
Healthcare – Home care visits, employee qualifications/licences/permissions
Medical – Authorised level of access for pharmaceuticals and treatments
Government – Voter registration and polling authentication, visitor verification, weights and measures inspections
Security – Staff attendance and training certification

Cloud Based Solution

Being cloud based, MyTAG Secure Proof of I.D. is simple to install and easy to use. There is no requirement to integrate into existing IT systems which allows you to be up and running quickly. It is also intuitive to use, so employees require little training, and the low cost of installation and operation mean that you can start to reap the benefits immediately.

Save Time and Money

MyTAG Secure Proof of I.D. replaces time consuming manual and paper based ID authentication systems with a quick and easy to use cloud based solution. It also replaces standard ID cards with a system which cannot be copied or cloned. The authentication and timestamped GPS location of individuals can be quickly and easily verified, and real-time and historical information accessed in an instant.