MyTAG Trusted Proof of I.D. (Patent pending) is a secure I.D. card system which cannot be copied or cloned. Incorporating Trusted NFC from HID Global, together with photo I.D., the cards allow absolute verification of an individual’s identity. Time and attendance and Geo location are captured providing proof of an individual’s presence in a specific location at a particular point in time. Operating on all NFC enabled devices, MyTAG can deliver mobile Trusted Proof of I.D. into areas which fixed point controls cannot reach.

Trusted Services

MyTAG Trusted Proof of I.D. cannot be copied or cloned. With each tap of the MyTAG card on any tablet, mobile phone or other NFC-enabled device, the HID Global NFC Trusted generates a cryptographic code which the device receives via a URL. The MyTAG system determines that the URL has been provided when someone has physically tapped the tag. This is 100% verifiable authentication of identity, time and global positioning.


MyTAG Trusted Proof of I.D. provides unique data which can be used to authenticate identity in a range of applications and sectors;

Education – Student attendance, examination invigilation, age
Retail Financial Services – Anti fraud measures at point of sale
Industry – Employee qualifications/licences to operate machinery, mobile security checkpoints,timesheets/payroll
Healthcare – Home care visits, employee qualifications/licences/permissions
Medical – Authorised level of access for pharmaceuticals and treatments
Government – Voter registration and polling authentication, weights and measures inspections
Security – Staff attendance and training certification

Cloud Based Solution

Being Cloud based, MyTAG Trusted Proof of I.D. is simple to install and easy to use. There is no requirement to integrate into existing IT systems which allows you to be up and running quickly. It is also intuitive to use, so employees require little training, and the low cost of installation and operation mean that you can start to reap the benefits immediately.

Save Time and Money

MyTAG Trusted Proof of I.D. replaces time consuming manual and paper based I.D. authentication systems with a quick and easy to use Cloud based solution. The authentication and timestamped GPS location of individuals can be quickly and easily verified, and real-time and historical information accessed in an instant.