MyTAG Asset Management / Proof of Service allows you to manage the operation and maintenance of your building assets in a professional and efficient way. A pre-printed, trusted NFC card is handed to the contractor when they walk in. The card is tapped on the tablet and the identity of the contractor and his job details are entered into the system. On completion of the work, the card is tapped again, to mark the end of the billable time and then returned to the facility management for re-use.

Proof of Service

Timestamped proof of presence at the start and end of maintenance ensures an accurate record of the servicing of all assets. This allows building and asset managers to quickly see the status of each asset, as well as monitor the service provider’s performance and ensure accurate invoicing for the actual time spent. MyTAG provides a more efficient and effective way to manage contractors and to ensure compliance with legal and warranty requirements.

Real Time Information

Easily accessible management information allows building and asset managers to hold contractors to their commitments, and to provide building owners and tenants with a rapid response to any service or maintenance queries. Asset histories can quickly be downloaded from wherever you are, without the need to search log books or archives, saving significant amounts of time.

Easy to Install Cloud Based System

MyTAG is an easy to install and use cloud based system, with no requirement to integrate into existing IT systems. It is intuitive to use, so all employees can use the system with little or no training, ensuring that asset servicing obligations are known and being managed all of the time. The low cost of installation and operation allow you to provide full asset servicing compliance at minimal cost.

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