Whether you are an in-house facilities manager or an external facilities management company, MyTAG can help you prove the service that is being delivered throughout your property estate. The simple to use, cloud based system is quick and inexpensive to install and utilises Near Field Communication (NFC) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for tracking.

MyTAG Asset Management/ Proof of Service allows you to manage the operation and maintenance of your building assets in a professional and efficient way. Timestamped proof of presence at the start and end of maintenance ensures an accurate record of the servicing of all assets. Contractors servicing and invoicing can be managed efficiently and compliance with legal and warranty requirements ensured.

MyTAG Key and Asset Tracking provides an efficient solution for tracking keys and other portable assets. The system ensures that the whereabouts of every key is known, reducing the risk of loss, and saving time and money.

MyTAG Proof of Presence allows you to prove the presence of the security guards during each part of their patrols. Incident reports can be immediately sent to the offsite team or control room, allowing action to be taken quickly.

MyTAG Lone Worker helps you ensure the safety of employees or contractors when they are working alone. The intuitive system allows a return time to be set and should the person not return as planned, an agreed escalation alert process will automatically be triggered. The system allows fast follow-up of late returning employees, supporting their safety and wellbeing, as well as saving time.

MyTAG Proof of Compliance helps you ensure that you comply with statutory compliance testing requirements and that your records are always accurate and up to date. This allows you to demonstrate your duty of care via robust processes, as well as removing the risk of fines or possible prosecution. MyTAG can also capture equipment performance data and allows the user the option to escalate this data and relevant images to line management via the MyTAG realtime dashboard.

MyTAG Proof of I.D. cannot be copied or cloned. With each tap of the MyTAG card on any tablet, mobile phone or other NFC-enabled device, the HID Global NFC Trusted generates a cryptographic code which the device receives via a URL. The MyTAG system determines that the URL has been provided when someone has physically tapped the tag. This is 100% verifiable authentication of identity, time and global positioning.

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