Daily Occurrence Log

MyTAG Daily Occurrence Log allows all incidents, no matter how large or small, to be easily reported, either in real-time at the incident location, or retrospectively at the desktop. All information is stored in the cloud and incidents can be recorded in customisable categories. Documents or images relating to an incident can easily be added to the Daily Occurrence logbook, meaning detailed information is available in one place, and can be accessed from wherever you are.

Taking actions to reduce incidents and improve health and safety requires analysis of the events to identify the common themes and priorities, so a digital system is ideal. Our tailored reporting tool allows data to be analysed, with filters such as high incident days, incident type/location/reporter, to highlight trends for future planning. Information can be displayed graphically to help identification and analysis of trends and heat maps allow visual display of incidents by location.

MyTAG Daily Occurrence Log replaces the traditional paper based daily occurrence log book that many organisations still use to record details of incidents and even. Incident types and trends are difficult to analyse when paper records have to be individually reviewed and when the books are full, they are usually stored for the minimum time required, never to be looked at again.

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