MyTAG is an innovation partner, rather than a supplier of products, and works with clients to tailor its technology to meet their requirements. The flexible platform is capable of providing solutions within any processes where management oversight of operations or service delivery needs to be evidenced, recorded, escalated or rectified.

MyTAG’s exception based approach also ensures that any non-conformances to equipment/process audits and compliance routines are escalated to process owners. We are¬†already meeting a multitude of client needs in a wide range of sectors with our solutions below, so please get in touch if we can help you.

Proof of Presence

Trusted proof that a person was at a given location at a specific time, allowing proof of servicing times, security patrols and locations visits. Provides a low cost, simple to use, cloud based time and attendance system.

Proof of Identity

Secure identity card system which cannot be copied or cloned. Provides proof of personal information, training records and permits, removing safety and security risks and ensuring the correct person is on the job.

Proof of Compliance

Proof that servicing/testing has been completed, demonstrating compliance with legislation and regulations 24/7, from anywhere. Accurate, up to date cloud based records with exception reporting and automated escalation, allows focus on issues and removes paper.


Flexible, low cost postroom system for tracking inbound and outbound mail securely. Simple to use, requires minimal training and facilitates an improved post service. All records are digital, removing paper and saving time and money.

Key and Asset Management

Improves tracking and management of keys and other portable assets, via an efficient, secure, cloud based system. Automated return reminders reduce loss and improve security, saving time and money. Historical records are held electronically, removing paper.

Air Quality Monitor

Inexpensive, simple to use, real-time indoor air quality monitoring solution which helps improve health and wellbeing of building users. Measure air quality at different locations and access data online or via an App to identify where improvements are needed.

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