A fully accountable, verifiable manned security solution is a priority in many market sectors.

MyTAG Proof of Presence is a simple to use, cloud based system which allows you to prove the presence of your security guards during each part of their patrols. MyTAG Trusted® Patrol tags, designed for a wide range of conditions, are installed as checkpoints and each tag is activated with the tap of a low cost Near Field Communication (NFC) device. This simple tap is all that the security guard needs to deliver trusted proof of presence at a given checkpoint. If an incident report is required, the guard can engage a proprietary application on their mobile device, providing immediate feedback to the offsite team or control room, via photo, video or text entries. This allows action to be taken quickly, whether it be a security or maintenance issue.

Trusted® Patrol tags are patented and uncloneable (unlike bar codes and QR codes), so proof of presence is guaranteed, allowing you to demonstrate full compliance with building security commitments. Security patrol and incident management information is available in real time and historical formats from wherever you are, saving the time needed for log book or archive searching.

MyTAG is quick and easy to install and does not have to be hard wired into the building systems or integrated into existing IT systems. It is low in cost, and intuitive to use so that security guards can be up and running very quickly. Patrol route guidance and instructions means that new guards can be effective from day one, and staff turnover becomes less of an issue.

In addition, MyTAG Lone Worker provides you with full oversight of lone working security guards during internal and external patrols, ensuring that they are safe, secure and supported. Alerts are sent and escalated if guards do not check in as arranged, allowing you to demonstrate to your employees and customers that you are a professional organisation with a strong health and safety focus.

MyTAG Proof of Compliance helps you ensure that you comply with statutory compliance testing requirements and that your records are always accurate and up to date. This allows you to demonstrate your duty of care via robust processes, as well as removing the risk of fines or possible prosecution. MyTAG can also capture equipment performance data and allows the user the option to escalate this data and relevant images to line management via the MyTAG realtime dashboard.

MyTAG Proof of I.D. cannot be copied or cloned. With each tap of the MyTAG card on any tablet, mobile phone or other NFC-enabled device, the HID Global NFC Trusted generates a cryptographic code which the device receives via a URL. The MyTAG system determines that the URL has been provided when someone has physically tapped the tag. This is 100% verifiable authentication of identity, time and global positioning.

MyTAG helps you provide a trusted, transparent security service for a minimal additional cost. The completely verifiable solution allows you to demonstrate your professionalism and that you have oversight of your security service 365/24/7.

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