Reinventing Postroom systems –affordable tracking software for inbound and outbound mail

MyTAG Postroom is a flexible and low cost system that allows you to securely manage your inbound and outbound mail. From the traditional receiving, collection, sorting and distribution of mail, to scanning in order to electronically manage workflow, provide archive records or enhance courier/ client accountability, all key processes are included.

MyTAG Postroom is already trusted by property managing agents, facilities management companies, buildings with multiple occupants and city offices. The system’s low cost and simplicity makes it ideal for any organisation that receives mail and parcels, and needs proof of collection for outbound items.

“The post room team have found MyTAG Postroom straightforward to use, and it’s great to have removed paper from another building management process. The system is simple but very flexible, and it has allowed us to make cost savings whilst maintaining high service standards.”

Jordan Chapman, Facilities Manager, 200 Aldersgate


Read the full Postroom case study at 200 Aldersgate in London

Saving Time and Money.
Delivering a Better Service

MyTAG Postroom ensures secure access and management throughout the post room lifecycle, whilst creating a comprehensive digital record of all activities, and at a significant cost saving when compared to traditional post systems. The simple to use, cloud-based mail tracking software can be up and running in just a few hours, with as many devices and people connected as you require and minimal staff training.

More Efficient Processes

Paper-based logs immediately become a thing of the past as all mail is digitally tracked. Your employees and tenants are automatically notified in real-time by email that they have mail to collect, or that a parcel is on its way to them. The Postroom App allows mobile delivery options via handheld devices and signature capture.

Live and historic reporting is provided for management and tenants, providing insight into volumes and types of mail, delivery times and the busiest periods.

How it Works

If you manage a busy mailroom or loading bay then you will love how flexible and easy to use the system is.

SCAN the incoming item’s barcode using a mobile device or tablet, or generate your own unique tracking number. Use a barcode or unique reference number for outbound mail.

RECORD the date, time and place the item was scanned. Information can be accessed from anywhere using your desktop PC, mobile device or tablet. You can also report damages and save images

EMAIL a notification to the recipient or sender automatically, which can include notes and collection/tracking information.

TRACK mail and parcels in real-time from anywhere, avoiding disputes caused by delayed, damaged or lost items.

PROOF OF DELIVERY OR DISPATCH is provided by the date and time the item was received or collected by the recipient, or the despatch details. A signature can be captured for additional accountability.

REPORTING can be tailored to your needs and used for auditing. Use filters to breakdown reports by client, courier, dates and times and highlight trends including busy periods to assist with resource planning. Automatically send predefined reports and graphics to authorised email addresses.

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