proof of compliance

Proof of compliance with legislation and regulations, using a simple system

MyTAG Proof of Compliance allows you to demonstrate that you have complied with all relevant legislation and regulations, ensuring that your building and its occupants are kept safe. Regular testing of water hygiene, portable appliances, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinklers is required, as well as maintenance of lifts and air conditioning systems. Whether you are a building manager, facilities manager or service provider, proof of compliance is likely to be an important part of your role.


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trusted services

MyTAG secure NFC tags, which cannot be cloned or copied, are placed on each of the items that need to be tested or maintained. On carrying out the check, the engineer taps the tag with his NFC enabled-phone or other device, generating a cryptographic code which the device receives via a URL. The MyTAG system determines that the URL has been provided when someone has physically tapped the HID Trusted Tag, and verifies the user’s ID. If the URL has been copied or cloned verification will not occur. GPRS also proves that portable items, such as fire extinguishers, are in their correct locations. Details of the testing are immediately available via the MyTAG system, and historical data can be accessed 24/7/365 for reporting or auditing.

Ensure Statutory Compliance

MyTAG helps you ensure that you comply with statutory compliance testing requirements and that your records are always accurate and up to date. This allows you to demonstrate your duty of care via robust processes, as well as removing the risk of fine or possible prosecution. MyTAG can also capture equipment performance data and allows the user the option to escalate this data and relevant images to line management via the MyTAG real-time dashboard.

Save Time and Money

MyTAG Proof of Compliance replaces time consuming manual and paper based systems with a quick and easy to use electronic one. Demonstrating compliance with all relevant regulations across a building is straightforward, and exception reporting allows any areas of risk to be rapidly identified and corrected. Existing asset registers can be uploaded into the diary system and the audit timetable can be set by asset type or individually. Exception reporting and senior management escalation for missed audits is automated within the MyTAG system.

Cloud Based Solution

The easy to use, cloud based system is simple to install, with no requirement to integrate into existing IT systems, allowing you to be up and running quickly. It is intuitive to use, so employees require little training, and the low cost of installation and operation mean that you can start to reap the benefits immediately.

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