Head of Security

"I love MyTAG Secure Proof of ID, and as an ex Police Officer and RAF Reserves Officer I wish it was used more widely. It’s extremely impressive when you see it demonstrated for the first time and realise that any NFC enabled phone or tablet can read and authenticate the card holder as bona fide instantly, without an app and without any data or ID particulars being extracted from the card itself."

Housekeeping & Security Manager
Christ's Hospital School

"MyTAG is an awesome product and works very well here. 100% recommend."

Gary Metcalf
Building Manager, BNP Paribas Real Estate

"MyTAG Air Quality Monitor is simple to use and allows us to monitor air quality in real-time, which is very important in ensuring the wellbeing of our building occupiers."


"I would just like to say that we are all up and running with our tags and we are extremely happy with the service. Stephanie has been great and has really helped by answering all our questions. I can't thank you enough for having thought of such a brilliant way to make lone working safer."

David Kennedy
Housekeeping & Security Manager

"The MyTAG system is fantastic and we are amazed that it gives us all the reference data we could wish for."

JohnPaul Ferrick
Building Manager

“MyTAG brings key management and security patrols together in a user friendly system and is proving a great asset to the building.”

Gary Metcalf
Major Building Manager

“Great product, great support team in place and a service partner that really listens!”

Mikki Hayes
Operations Manager, BNP Paribas

“MyTAG has helped us increase the efficiency of our building management, ensure consistency of the building services and ultimately maintain the safety of building users. We can prove that our service partners are carrying out their agreed responsibilities and we are able to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards.”

Khalid Barbary
St James's Market Security Manager, Axis Security Services

"The way the MyTAG team conduct their business and their professional approach is simply outstanding. You have the drive, the passion and foremost you have the knowledge, which you are not shy to share and deliver to your clients. Hats off to the whole team. Thank you."

Sarah Barry
Office Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

"Keys remain a vital part of any business security solution, yet their importance is often overlooked. The MyTAG system provides management control of keys, tracking where they are and who has them, and making people feel more accountable, meaning less lost keys. The system allows us to keep all key information in one secure place and restrict access to who can change this, giving both internal controls as well as a monitoring function."

Paul Harvey
Commercial Director, Ultimate Security

"We have been working in partnership with MyTAG for over 18 months, providing technology innovation to many of London’s iconic buildings. MyTAG’s cloud based technology allows us to prove the presence of our security officers on patrols, provide paperless key management, and manage portable assets such as bicycles and radios. The technology has allowed us to make processes more efficient and secure, saving time and providing a transparent service overview to our clients."

Dan Blewitt
Building Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

"The MyTAG key management system has greatly improved efficiency, my security team have found it easy to use, and it is great that another system has gone paperless. The simplicity of the security patrol system is also of great benefit and ensures all areas of the property, including tenanted, vacant and landlord areas, are checked, picking up any issues, especially out of hours."

Lee Murray
Building Manager, CityPoint London

"MyTAG's solution has enhanced accuracy and efficiency across our key management, security guard patrol and contract management functions – all using a common platform.”

Alan O'Connor
Security Manager, 200 Aldersgate London

“The service offered by MyTAG has been exceptional and the MyTAG staff have remained flexible and understanding while supporting the implementation of my specific site requirements. The patrol and key system has enhanced the quality of service that I provide to my own clients. I would highly recommend MyTAG products and the service that is provided in support.”

Harley Welch
Owner 247 Lettings

“MyTAG's state of the art NFC Technology helps our business to manage over 1200+ property keys and monitors our staff when they're not in the office. This is the best thing I have implemented for staff and key management and it's saving me a fortune in staff time looking for keys!  A really great product.”

Adam Stephenson
Ascend Properties

After seeing a demonstration of the system we decided to go ahead immediately.  I'm amazed something so simple works so well. Not only does it notify us and contractors when keys haven't been returned, we now have contractors calling us if they need the keys for longer. A simple tap of a tag on a tablet makes sure we keep on top of our key management.

More importantly our staff members have been issued with the lone worker tags, and as well as us always knowing where they are, they have thanked me for making them feel safe when conducting viewings and valuations - my team are just as important as our keys!"

Charlotte Claridge
Savills of Islington London

“Our key system has worked so much better since we implemented the MyTAG System.  Key handling is now so much more manageable.”

Howard Lester
Director Balgores Lettings

“When Mike first came to see me with his idea for the Key Management & Lone Worker Solution I was excited that he might have found a ridiculously simple solution for two of Agencies oldest issues. We now know where keys are and who with, all with a simple tap on a tap of a key tag. Our team have been issued with lone worker tags and feel much safer now when out and about. I have been in this industry for 30 years and remember the tragedy when Suzy Lamplugh disappeared. Thankfully someone has finally come up with a real solution that I hope the industry will adopt quickly. Well done Mike, your vision and ingenuity deserves recognition.”

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