David Kennedy
Housekeeping & Security Manager

“The MyTAG system is fantastic and we are amazed that it gives us all the reference data we could wish for.”

JohnPaul Ferrick
Building Manager

“MyTAG brings key management and security patrols together in a user friendly system and is proving a great asset to the building.”

Gary Metcalf
Major Building Manager

“Great product, great support team in place and a service partner that really listens!”

Mikki Hayes
Operations Manager, BNP Paribas

“MyTAG has helped us increase the efficiency of our building management, ensure consistency of the building services and ultimately maintain the safety of building users. We can prove that our service partners are carrying out their agreed responsibilities and we are able to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards.”

Khalid Barbary
St James's Market Security Manager, Axis Security Services

“The way the MyTAG team conduct their business and their professional approach is simply outstanding. You have the drive, the passion and foremost you have the knowledge, which you are not shy to share and deliver to your clients. Hats off to the whole team. Thank you.”

Sarah Barry
Office Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

“Keys remain a vital part of any business security solution, yet their importance is often overlooked. The MyTAG system provides management control of keys, tracking where they are and who has them, and making people feel more accountable, meaning less lost keys. The system allows us to keep all key information in one secure place and restrict access to who can change this, giving both internal controls as well as a monitoring function.”

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