MyTAG provides asset management, proof of presence, access control, time and attendance, lone worker systems and mass communication through a Cloud based platform which combines Near Field Communication (NFC), patented Proof of Presence tags with integrated Geo Positioning (GPS) technology.

Cloud Based

Being Cloud based and wireless means that MyTAG does not need to be hardwired or integrated with existing systems, making it simple and inexpensive to install and operate. It is also intuitive, so users can be up and running with little training.

Realtime Management Information

MyTAG’s use of patented Trusted® Tags, combined with NFC and GPS technology provides secure, realtime management information, verifiable proof of presence and reliable audit trails, with no risk of manipulation.

● Programmable and Trusted® NFC Tags are used for asset management, proof of presence and asset servicing/maintenance, access control, time and attendance, and lone worker applications
● NFC enabled devices and readers
● Cloud based and wireless no hardwiring or legacy system integration required
● MyTAG platform visible on mobile, tablet and desktops for easy of reporting, full range of asset management and proof of presence functionality and supporting applications
● Real-time oversight and reporting available 24/7/365
● Patented Trusted® tags with GPS/Timestamped authentication delivering Trusted® verification