MyTAG’s Global Technology Partner, HID Global, has launched HID Global Mobile Access, which extends access control technology to mobile devices. The technology answers end-user demand for convenience, allowing secure workplace access from a smart device that is almost always on-hand.

From access to the car park and office, to logging on to the network or getting a snack from hid-global-mobile-access
the vending machine, mobile access technology connects the environment like never before. HID Global’s leadership in trusted identities ensures the communication of identity data via mobile device is secure and privacy protected.


The technology supports the widest variety of mobile devices in the industry today, so you can define the mobile experience that is right for your organisation. Doors and gates are opened with a short-range tap of the mobile device or from a distance using Twist and Go. IT security and facilities management can move towards consolidated access programs which are simple to use, bringing efficiencies and cost savings.

Another great innovation from MyTAG’s Global Technology Partner!

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