MyRoster enables an organisation to effectively manage its workforce on a day to day basis, and to schedule and plan rosters and shifts. The dynamic rostering feature enables the fast creation of rosters by groups, location, cost centre, team or individual, all of which can be visible and accessible anywhere.

Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers can access the system via both the internet or via a dedicated app, enabling them to manage their staff while in the field, and make changes as they happen rather than waiting until they get to their office or workplace. Rosters can be changed quickly and easily and unplanned staff cover can be handled in seconds. Movement from cost centre to cost centre is handled dynamically too if required. In addition, financials can be stored, so that your workforce metrics can be managed and monitored ensuring that you have instant access to your real-time KPIs.

The mobile APP provides a self-service platform not only for users to view their own rotas, but also request holiday or planned absences eg Doctors appointments, in real-time. Messaging can be sent between operatives and their supervisor or manager with absence requests, or when the operative may have arrived late due to an incident.

Benefits of MyRoster 

  • Reduce time and costs managing your workforce.
  • Reduce non-productivity, lateness and delays.
  • Enhance employee wellbeing, interaction and morale.
  • Enable an agile workforce environment.

Whether you are a security company, cleaning services company or other services provider, MyRoster can bring benefits to your workforce management. To find out more, please call us today on 01752 657077 or Contact Us.