Updates to Fire Safety Legislation in the UK, and wider fire risk management for the built environment, have increased the importance of fire safety compliance checks, particularly for High Risk Residential Buildings (HRRB). Premises information now has to be provided to local authorities, enforcement bodies and residents.

Building Managers must ensure that a fire risk assessment is carried out for the building and they must protect the safety of building occupiers through appropriate fire safety arrangements. These include providing and maintaining fire safety equipment, ensuring exit routes are clear and unlocked, maintaining a fully functioning alarm system and providing fire safety information to building users.

Secure, cloud-based, fire safety compliance software is the most efficient way of scheduling, carrying out and recording the necessary compliance checks and testing, such as those on fire doors, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. All information can be accessed instantly by anyone who has the required permissions, and missed checks and follow up actions are alerted via exception reporting.

Bar codes and QR codes can be utilised, but neither is secure because they can easily be copied, and so fraudulent activity is possible. MyTAG Proof of Compliance uses secure NFC codes which cannot be copied or cloned, and GPS positioning confirms they are in the correct location when tapped with an NFC enabled smartphone or tablet. Details of the testing are immediately available via the MyTAG system, and historical data can be accessed 24/7/365 for reporting or auditing.

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