Although it is 2018, there are still many commercial building systems which rely on paper, and visitor and contractor management processes are amongst the most common. Paper based log books are easy to complete, but often difficult to manage and the records of previous visitors are often easily visible to anyone who looks at them.

The “old fashioned” process can reflect on your business and the privacy element of the new GDPR regulations will mean that personal details should not be accessible to others, plus there is the issue of consent to store data. Organisations have to store visitors’ and contractors’ details for a period of time, so they should obtain consent from the individual to do so, but it is tricky to have an elegant process for this via the paper log book.

A digital solution, such as MyTAG, can make the process much more professional and ensure compliance. It can manage data access, prevent unwanted access to personal data and provide instant reporting for tenants by simply using a computer application, instead of a paper log book. There are a multitude of GDPR and data protection aspects which can be covered using a digital solution which also helps simplify the registration process, ensures that the Visitor and Contractor Data Policy is read before access is provided and makes the process faster and more convenient for repeat visitors. In addition, there are significant environmental and efficiency benefits in replacing paper based processes with digital ones.

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