The focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace is growing, with more and more people cycling to work. Building residents and tenants of commercial properties increasingly expect quality cycling facilities. Bicycles should be stored undercover in racks and secured with quality cycle locks as a minimum.

MyTAG secure access tags help ensure bicycles remain safe and secure. The easy-to-use system allows security guards to check the rightful owner is taking the bicycle and to identify the owners of any bikes which have been left in the building overnight.

  • Apply a security access tag to everyone’s bicycle.
  • Register the security tags with the building security team, who will add details of the owner to the secure asset management software, which can include name, company, bicycle model, frame number, owner photo and bicycle photo.
  • When the tag is tapped with an NFC enabled phone the details will appear, allowing each bicycle to be identified and the owner checked, with time-stamped proof of presence.
  • Bicycles can be logged in and out, and all information checked by security in real-time.

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