MyTAG has announced that its innovative technology platform has been selected by Cardinal Place LondonCardinal Place in London to streamline the management of portable assets. The cloud-based system is being used to manage physical keys, track radios and will improve the security of employee bicycles at the trio of landmark buildings in Victoria.

The MyTAG platform uses HID trusted tags to provide proof of presence, security and tracking solutions to safeguard people, property and assets. It has significantly improved the key management process at Cardinal Place, saving time and replacing old, paper based systems. Tags will be placed on bicycles to store the details and photo of the owner, allowing instant security identification and preventing theft.

Mike George, Director MyTAG commented: “We are delighted that Cardinal Place has selected the unique MyTAG technology. The system is straightforward and low cost to install, saving time and money in the property and facilities management sectors by replacing outdated processes with a trusted and secure cloud based solution.”