200_Aldergat_636200 Aldersgate is one of London’s landmark buildings, providing 434,000 square feet of office space and occupied daily by more than 2,500 people. BNP Paribas manage the building to provide an optimal working environment for the tenants and ensure the safety and security of everyone based there or visiting.

MyTAG was installed at 200 Aldersgate in May 2016, as part of BNP Paribas’ roll out of this innovative technology to its major London buildings. Today, MyTAG is supporting many of the building management processes.

Security Patrols
Trusted® tags, which cannot be copied or cloned, now define security patrol routes, and the guards tap each tag with their Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled phone. This simple tap of a tag is all that is needed to prove presence at a given checkpoint, and the records are available instantly from wherever managers are.

Proving Compliance with Building Regulations
Protocols and schedules have been set up in the MyTAG system to ensure that all necessary compliance check on fire extinguishers, escape routes, lifts, plant rooms and panic alarms are carried out. MyTAG Trusted® tags provide the security guard with details of the check to be carried out when he taps the tag, and the required information is then inputted into his mobile device. If anything is overdue, an alert is issued so that the problem can be immediately addressed.

Service Partner and Contractor Management
All service partner employees have a MyTAG identity card and are required to check in and out of their shift. This provides time and attendance data and allows BNP Paribas to ensure that contractual obligations are being met by their security, cleaning, engineering, reception and mail room service partners.
Contractors are issued temporary passes, providing an auditable trail of the date and times they were in the building, which can be cross referenced with invoicing to ensure the correct payments are being made.

Managing Portable Assets
Managing keys with a paper based system was a time consuming process, with contractors Key cupboard BNPfrequently forgetting to return keys before leaving the building, and no-one realising for several days. MyTAG alerts contractors to return keys if they have not been checked back in to the system at the expected time, which has greatly reduced mislaid keys and saved significant amounts of time.
MyTAG is also helping to solve a problem with bicycles being stored in the racks for several years, without being used. All bicycles now have a tag attached, which contains details of the owner and their contact details, allowing them to be easily contacted if their bicycle needs to be moved.

MyTAG Benefits
The introduction of the secure MyTAG technology has provided BNP Paribas with oversight of its facilities management at 200 Aldersgate and helped increase efficiency and ensure compliance. The system was quick and inexpensive to install and operate, and required little training, allowing it to be fully operational in a short space of time.

Mikki Hayes, Operations Manager, BNP Paribas commented: “MyTAG has helped us increase the efficiency of our building management, ensure consistency of the building services and ultimately maintain the safety of building users. We can prove that our service partners are carrying out their agreed responsibilities and we are able to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards.”

Alan O’Connor added: “MyTAG allows us to prove the service that we have delivered and provides instant management oversight of our security operations, saving time. The innovative technology is intuitive to use, and the support and service from the MyTAG team has been excellent.”

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