Many commercial buildings have areas where there is no mobile or Wi-Fi signal, causing issues when using mobile technology.

The MyTAG Deadzone App allows customers to use MyTAG technology offline in these areas, with the information uploaded once returning to an area with a signal. This allows proof of presence for security patrols, proof of compliance for equipment and systems checks and proof of service for contractor maintenance to be carried out as normal, with accurate, timely information. Audits can be completed and forms uploaded as soon as a connection returns.

The Deadzone App is password protected and integrated into each building or customer’s infrastructure, allowing an administrator to remove access if required. The App can be downloaded from the App Store or the Android Play Store.

In our world of inconsistent Wi-Fi and mobile network connections, this ground-breaking application delivers 100% access to all MyTAG systems offline, ensuring complete system utilisation anywhere and at any time. This allows absolute proof of activity at any tag locations, together with incident reporting with photo, video and text capture.

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