Our new Safe Spaces solution helps you to deliver Covid-secure workplaces, allowing collaboration, social interaction, and separating work from home life to improve mental health.

A small tag on each desk provides information on whether it is available to use, ensuring social distancing and providing details of when it was last cleaned. A dashboard at reception, or via a phone based App, shows which desks can be used, and when one is allocated to an employee it is removed from the availability screen. When the employee checks out, the rapid response cleaning team is notified to carry out a thorough desk clean, and on completion the status is updated so that it can be used again.

The system also allows daily cleaning and hygiene routines to inputted, and completion of tasks to be monitored via secure tags placed at key locations in the building, proving that all the requirements have been fulfilled. Anything missed is automatically reported, so that swift action can be taken by building management to resolve the issue. Our short video will tell you more.

The solution is completely paperless, with all information held in the cloud and accessible from wherever you are.

For more information, please call us today in the UK on 01752 657077 or in the US on +1 877 592 7534.