MyTAG supports Wellgate shopping centre

The Wellgate Shopping Centre is one of the two main shopping centres located in the city centre of Dundee, Scotland. Ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for visitors is one of the top priorities for the centre management, who have recently started using MyTAG to record security patrols and compliance checking.

Wellgate Shopping Centre previously used an inspection checklist app, but found issues with the information that they had uploaded, and they were unable to scan patrol points and upload building faults at the same time. They are now using MyTAG Proof of Presence to record the progress of security guards on their patrols and Proof of Compliance to record the building checks that they carry out.

Craig Patterson, Operations Supervisor, Wellgate Shopping Centre commented:
“MyTAG provides us with a time-stamped record to prove when the security guards have checked certain areas within our shopping centre, and incident reports are sent in real-time. This means that any issues on site are rectified faster, ensuring the safety of building users.
When building faults are identified I am immediately emailed a report, allowing me to log into the system and download any information that I need to pass to the relevant people to fix the issue quickly.”

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