MyTAG technology is helping security companies move their proposition to the next level through proof of service delivery, key tracking, building compliance checks and incident reporting. Gone are the days of trawling through log books and paper records to find information, as all records can be accessed instantly through the cloud. As well as saving time and money, MyTAG is helping security providers bring additional value to managing agents, facilities directors and building managers.

MyTAG uses the NFC technology in mobile phones, together with secure tags (which cannot be copied or cloned) to prove the presence of a guard as he completes each stage of his security patrol. When he reaches a checkpoint, the guard simply taps the tag with his phone, and is able to enter any information about incidents or actions required, which are automatically communicated via the MyTAG software.

Protocols and schedules can be set up in the MyTAG system for all necessary building compliance checks including fire extinguishers, escape routes, lifts, plant rooms and panic alarms. MyTAG Trusted® tags provide the security guard with details of the check to be carried out when he taps the tag, and the required information is then inputted into his mobile device. If anything is overdue, an alert is issued so that the problem can be immediately addressed. A complete record of all checks completed can be accessed at the touch of a button for proof of compliance, saving significant amounts of time compared to paper based records.

Managing keys with a paper based system is a time consuming process, and people frequently forget to return keys and don’t realise for several days. MyTAG allows keys to be checked out electronically, with details of who has taken the key and when it is due for return. Automatic alerts are issued as a reminder to return keys, which greatly reduces mislaid keys and saves significant amounts of time looking for them.

The single MyTAG platform also includes Postroom Management, Daily Occurrence Log, Proof of Identity and Training Academy, allowing security companies to provide greater value to their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you run a security business with ambitious growth plans, can you afford not to take a look!  Please call us on now 01752 657077 or visit