We were delighted that Savills chose MyTAG as one of three innovations to highlight that have helped them improve property management. They say that property management has gone from being a little bit of an afterthought for some office landlords to a major consideration, as they’ve embraced a mentality that views space as a service. This is in order to keep up with a new generation of occupiers demanding far more from their offices than just four walls and a roof, and who want the buildings they call home to actively make their lives easier and more efficient.

Their piece about MyTAG is below.

Savills Security

It’s a top issue, but keeping track of the movement of both people and equipment in and around buildings can be complex. Advances in technology come to the rescue: MyTAG is a cloud-based system that uses trusted near-field communication (NFC) tags to allow companies to record and track keys and other assets and to verify the completion of security patrols and compliance checks throughout buildings. If items aren’t returned, or a check isn’t completed, users and managers will be alerted and a central database automatically updated.

You can read the full Savills article here