When the time comes to reoccupy buildings after the Coronavirus lockdown, cleaning and hygiene will be a concern for many people. Our new found practise of social distancing will require modifications to how we work and use different areas of the space, and throughout the day we will want to be sure that all areas have been thoroughly cleaned. Has the desk I am going to be using been cleaned after the last occupant? When were the washroom fixtures and fittings last cleaned? Health and Safety training means holding the handrail is an automatic action, but when was it last cleaned? The list goes on!

Increased cleaning frequencies and more day janitors will help to make hygiene activities more visible, but further steps can be taken to provide proof that cleaning has been regularly completed. Simple NFC tags placed in critical areas, such as washrooms, kitchen areas, and on hot desks can be used to record when cleaning was carried out and by whom. On arrival, the cleaning operative taps the tag with their NFC enabled mobile phone, receiving specific instruction about cleaning protocols and products. This simple tap is all that is needed to prove presence and time at a given point, and records are available in the cloud instantly. If the cleaning schedule is missed, automated emails ensure that the building or facilities management team is alerted, so that action can quickly be taken. In areas where the Wi-Fi signal is poor, the MyTAG Deadzone App allows information to still be recorded and uploaded when back online.

MyTAG Proof of Presence has been used in major UK buildings for several years, to prove critical activities such as security patrols, and building compliance checks. The crucial importance of cleaning in helping to keep building occupants safe from Coronavirus means that re-occupancy preparations should probably consider Proof of Cleaning.

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