If you’ve ever worked with bar codes or QR codes you will know that they can be easily copied. Taking a photo of the code replicates it, and there is no way of knowing whether the actual code was scanned, or the photo. When a service visit is recorded by the scan of the code, it could be that the technician has scanned the photo in the comfort of their home!

A similar problem exists with standard NFC tags, which can also be copied with a bit of experience. For building compliance and service monitoring purposes you therefore can’t guarantee that a specific location was visited at known time.

Using MyTAG software, in conjunction with HID Trusted® NFC Tags, solves the problem. When the Trusted® Tag is tapped with an NFC enabled mobile device, MyTAG sends a unique code to the server, verifying that the tag is genuine, and providing authentication on your phone or tablet. An additional layer of security is provided by geo-tracking the mobile device, ensuring that when the tag was tapped it was in the expected location.

Engineer tapping Trusted Tag

Trusted® NFC Tags can therefore be used to absolutely prove the presence of a person at a specific location at given time. Tapping a tag can also provide a list of questions or requests for data, if details are required to prove that a specific service routine has been carried out.

Trusted® Tags are used to authenticate critical activities such as compliance checks, security patrols and healthcare visits. They are also used to authenticate a person’s identification using Secure ID cards, which cannot be copied or tampered with.

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