As businesses plan for the return to their offices, there will be many changes to the way we work. Social distancing will have a major impact on the commute and the workplace, with changes to the usage and layout of offices being implemented. Many employees will understandably be concerned about the return, and ensuring all possible steps are taken to ensure their safety and wellbeing will be a top priority.

We share some areas that you may want to consider, and suggestions about how we may be able to support you.


Employee and contractor communications and training

Social distancing will require changes to building entry and exit, usage of lifts, refreshment availability, washroom usage, personal PPE disposal… the list goes on. Communicating the changes to all building users in advance will ensure that they are expecting the changes and help them return to work safely. Our customised Training Academy courses can be accessed and tested remotely, to ensure that everyone is familiar with the new protocols and procedures.

Restarting your building

Depending on how your building was shut down, there are likely to be steps required to return it to full operations. Compliance checks and testing will almost certainly be required and our Proof of Compliance application can you help you ensure that all necessary actions are completed.

Proof of Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of building areas will be required as evidence shows that Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for several days. High touch point and high traffic areas will require diligent attention, and MyTAG Proof of Presence can be used to provide a traceable record of cleaning activities, and surface hygiene testing. If any tasks are missed, alerts are automatically issued to building and facilities management, so immediate action can be taken.

The Commute

The social distancing challenges of public transport will mean that more people will walk or cycle to work. Adding a simple tag, providing details of the bicycle and its owner, can help ensure the security of bicycles stored at your premises, and that the rightful owner is taking the cycle.

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